PA Ministry Trip

Last week, my family and I headed up to the Rexmont, PA area for a wedding, services, and a short family vacation.

Saturday, we attended the wedding ceremony of a young brother from the Tabernacle and a young sister from Rexmont Christian Fellowship. We pray God’s richest blessings on them as they start out. We’re hoping after the honeymoon period we’ll have a new piano teacher in our area now! My children are ready to start.

 On Sunday, we attended services at Rexmont Christian Missions Fellowship in Rexmont, PA. Bro David Sanger pastors a very fine, precious group of saints. When Bro David found out we were headed to the wedding, he was sure to tell me I’d be speaking for the services that weekend. I took a title of “Millennium without Repentance” that morning. I did a teaching style for the evening and did an overview of the Seven Seals and how they apply to “normal life”.

Bro David Sanger and I
After the services and fellowship on Sunday.  We toured Philadelphia, Hershey, PA, and Gettysburg.  We stayed on a dairy farm where the kids enjoyed playing in the barn.  
We were so very graciously taken care of the whole time we were there.  I can only pray that we were as much of a blessing to the saints in that area, as they were to us.
This preacher was trying to ride a unicycle at a fellowship after the wedding.  Good thing he didn’t break his neck, he had to preach the next morning!
My wife and I at the dairy farm.  Picture taken by the Farmer’s Wife.
God Bless you all!
-Bro Trevor

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