The Word Made Manifest

The Word Made Manifest

We are not going to see the amount (quantity) of results Brother Branham had in our own lives.

Wow, that’s pretty blunt and to the point – but seriously:

We’re not going to have the world-wide healing campaigns / etc; because that was to get the Brides attention (with the miracles) but the main thing was The Word.

Don’t get the Word made manifest confused with miracles.

When I see a sister who doesn’t cut her hair – that is the Word being made manifest. She has taken the Word, applied it to her life, and is living it.

When I see someone stop what they’re doing in a public restaurant and bow their heads and pray – that is the Word made manifest.

When I see a brother kneel at the altar and pray for someone – that is the Word being made manifest.

To manifest the Word is not just to perform a miracle – it is to live a day-by-day God-centered life.

What would God have me do today?

Well I know He doesn’t want me to do this, and He does want me to do this because its in the Word – now I’m not going to just say ‘amen’ to that and ‘say’ that I believe it, but I’m going to apply it to MY life. Not because I ‘have’ to by the law, but because I WANT to because I LOVE HIM so much.

Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit – if there is a need the Word CAN & WILL be made manifest in the way of miracles, healing, soul-winning, etc – but that’s just a portion of the Word being made manifest. It has to be manifest in our day-by-day lives so others will see Christ IN YOU walking on two feet.

“We don’t have to have big audiences. We don’t have to preach to ten thousand. We don’t have to even preach. We can be God’s advertisement board. How do you know that your life might not start some young man on the Gospel, some of you older men, you old women, start them young men on the field out there to win ten thousand souls to Christ. It was because that he saw Christ in you. It’s you presented Christ to him in the simple power of the Gospel.
Yes, I think we need a–a Christ. Yes, sir. Only way we see Christ is when He reflects in each other. I see Christ in you. You see Him in me. That’s how we watch Christ.

I’ve seen miracles. I’ve seen people come off life support, I’ve seen the dead raised, I’ve seen the crippled walk. But those people will die again (physically) if they aren’t raptured first.

But the greatest thing I’ve seen is someone put down their cigarettes and their alcohol and their dirty magazines & start living a life worthy of the gospel.

That’s the Word being made manifest my precious brothers & sisters.

That’s the real miracle; the day-by-day life.

-Brother Nathan

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