“There’s someone for you. Just wait.”

A sister sent a message to my ‘myspace’ account recently, and was telling me how she had been dating a worldly boy, but that she had broke up with him and was trying to turn her life around.

This brought several thoughts, and quotes to my mind that I want to share with as many young people as I can.

I remember when I was single and dating, and it seemed so hard to find that ‘right one’, and there were points in my life when I thought I would never find the right one. In those moments there is definitely a temptation to look to the world for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

There are so many different beliefs inside of the Message that finding that one who believes just like you, who has the personality that fits yours, and is the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen… It just seems too hard to find, so some people give up all together. The words ‘hell on earth’ come to mind when I think of this.

So you can’t find someone in ‘your time’ (not God’s time) who matches every doctrinal and physical preference you have – so you turn to the world, and someone you have almost nothing in common with.

Then say you ignore all the warnings from parents, friends, your own conscience… oh, and lets not forget; The Word of God – and you marry this person. At some point in your life God is going to start dealing with you, and the desire to get as close to Him as possible is going to drive you crazy unless you hit an altar somewhere and make things right.

Is this worldly person going to understand that? Are they going to have the same desire to serve God, and be a part of the Message? Are you going to be able to sit around the dinner table and talk about what you read that day in the Bible or the Message? Are they going to be ‘okay’ with raising your children that way?

Maybe one in a thousand work that way. The rest leave broken homes.

A good friend of mine was dating a Pentecostal boy (not what we would consider a ‘worldly’ person) back before either one of us were married. She had been witnessing to him about the Message, but feelings were involved and they started dating. He seemed like ‘good Pentecostal boy’, but he just didn’t seem like he could ‘Catch the Vision’.

She asked me one time what I thought about it. I told her that as long as she could honestly tell me that their relationship was bringing them both closer to God, then I was for it 100%. But if it was taking them both farther away from God, then they should both run from that relationship as hard as they could go.

I’m not sure what happened to the Pentecostal boy, but she met and married a wonderful Message boy within a few months, and they both lived happily ever after.

Sometimes we’re in such a rush to ‘find the right one’ that we don’t realize; ‘Maybe its not God’s time for me to be married yet’. Or; ‘maybe I’m not as close to God as I need to be before I take on that kind of responsibility’. Maybe He has something He needs you to do before you and your eternal mate sail off into the sunset.

All I know is; every time my wife and I sit and talk for hours about the Message, or read our Bibles together, or walk into church together, or go to special meetings together I cannot help but ask myself what it would have been like if I would have got the wrong one, and none of that was possible. I am so thankful to God that He led me to her, instead of letting me make the mistake of marrying out of His time and being unequally yoked.

I would be a miserable person if I couldn’t share those things with my wife. And you will be too, if you can’t share those things with the person you choose for your life’s mate.

There’s a thing us guys used to call ‘missionary dating’. (That’s when a boy or girl goes to ‘witness’ to a co-worker, or someone at school, or someone from a different church and they’re attracted to them, and wind up dating them). Nine out of ten times they’re going to drag each other down.

I’ve always said; ‘if you’re attracted to someone then ask someone else to witness to them’. When feelings are involved motives and intensions can quickly be misguided.

#1 Get where you need to be with God

#2 Find a good Christian who you know would be a good parent to your children

#3 Pray, pray, pray.

And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” -GENESIS 2:18

I hope that this has been an encouragement to you if you’re going through some of these battles of the mind. From someone who’s been there, and fought those battles I can tell you what Brother Branham said; “There’s someone for you. Just wait.”

-Bro Nathan Bryant

Just like today when a Christian boy marries a sinner girl, or a sinner girl, a Christian boy, that–that starts something right then. See? Don’t you get married unless you’re equally yoked together with believers (You know?) to keep trouble down. See?
Now, when God made men and women in the beginning, He made their–their spirits then. There’s someone for you. Just wait. See? All right.

Do you know that’s still a good thing, young man, to think about, young woman? Marry someone who is a Christian. Don’t marry unbelievers. “Yoke yourself not up among unbelievers.” Paul said for us not to do that. The Scriptures, all through, forbid us, for we… to yoke ourself with unbelievers.

And no believer should ever marry an unbeliever, under no circumstances: should always marry believers.

And if we would study what we’re doing when we’re going to get married, when we choose our wife, our husband, if we’d study it over! A man should pray earnestly, for he could ruin his entire life. Remember, the vow is “until death do we part,” and he could ruin his life by making the wrong choice. But if he knows what, he making the wrong choice and is marrying a woman that isn’t fit to be his wife, and he does it anyhow, then it’s his fault. If the woman takes a husband and knows that he’s not fit to be a husband to you, then that’s your own fault, after you know what’s right and wrong. So, you shouldn’t do it until you thoroughly pray through.

When God gave a man a wife, He gave him the best thing He could give him, outside of salvation. But when one goes to trying to take a man’s place, then she’s about the worse thing that he could get a hold of.

And when a man loves a woman and marries her because she’s just pretty, there’ll be an end to that. But when a man finds a woman that he loves, he don’t know why, but he loves her… And she finds the man that she loves, no matter what he looks like… He loves her. She loves him. That’s an eternal mate in glory. They’ll… Death nor nothing else can ever separate them. Because they are from eternity, and they stepped out into space of time, and will return back to eternity. Eternity has dropped down in a body called time, then it goes right back up into eternity again. It cannot perish.

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  1. Amen brother! That is so true.

    Within the past two years, two of my closest friends have started going out with non-believers, and it tears my heart to see how it is pulling them away from the Lord.

    Their reasoning is, “There are no message believing guys in the whole country, and I’m tired of waiting, so it’s ok for me to go with a non-christian.”

    I know for certain if it wasn’t for the grace of God I would be headed straight down the same path.

    E-12 A few days ago I was listening to a program on the radio, coming to Sunday school, and it was a round table discussion with teen-agers in Louisville. A–what was one of the most important things, was a girl to find the boy with the curly hair, or the boy, the girl with the pretty blue or brown eyes? Did that make the difference? It seems like that that would be the great thing to a teen-ager. But that isn’t the greatest thing. The greatest thing is find your God, your Maker.
    Don’t mix marry. Marry a boy that believes just exactly like you do, for after all, God is the main important thing that we are in the earth to do, is to serve Him. And if you do marry or anything contrary to that, you’ll pay for it in the days that lays ahead of you. You must always remember, by faith and not by sight. The just shall live by faith. And we look at the Unseen.

  2. Thanks bro Trevor and bro nathan for such a resourceful site. ive just been reminded about the young girls in our church who’ve resolved into dating non believers and even getting married to them with a context that other sisters in church aged btwn 30-34 are still single and waiting,and it seems that they are no brothers coming their way.God is a just God…..i thought about it the other day, the way the world seems to ridicule them…in a manner that the devil uses non believers to approach them constantly….i believe His timing is always the best if we can hold on knowing that its not a must to get married either….having eternal life is the most essential thing….every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord

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