“On Dangerous Ground”

A brother showed me this quote last night after church, and it really stuck with me. So many people in the Message have the EXACT mentality that Brother Branham is speaking about here. If they really believe EVERY Word what do they do with quotes like this?

We get so puffed up sometimes with the quotes that rub ‘our doctrine’ the right way, but some of these that really nail us to the wall we somehow skim over, at the same time saying we believe EVERY Word. Someone saying differently would be fighting words to us.

But can we apply what is being said, or are we just ‘amening’ with our lips?

“This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.” -MATTHEW 15:8

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did:

And this little deer will get out to itself, away from the herd. That’s the one the wolf works on. And to you, old man or woman, when you separate yourself from believers… People say, “I can stay at home, be just as good a Christian as I can at church.” You can’t.
The Bible said, “Not forsake our assemble ourselves together, and that much more as we see the time coming.”
If you’re a Christian, you long to go where other Christians are, and fellowship with other Christians. So you cannot stay away from church and live the same life. You–you can’t do it, because it’s like, “I–I–I–I’m hungry, but I’ll never go to a table. I just… I’ll never eat. I just–I ain’t going to do it.” See? You’ve got to go and feed on the Word of God, and fellowship one with another.
We need one amother–another more now than we ever did need each other, is now. When you get yourself singled out from the rest of them making yourself just a little different, you don’t want to associate with them because they believe this, and don’t want to associate with that, you’re getting on dangerous ground, right then, keeping away from church. Find the one of your choice, and remain there, and be a Christian brother to all of them. That’s the way to be a real Christian. Then we’ve got fellowship, protection; people love you and pray for you.

Now lets apply it,
-Bro Nathan


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  1. Wow. That’s about all I can say right now.

    You’ve got no idea how relevant this post is right now for me, my family, my church…

    That second paragraph just sums up so much. It’s so sad, yet so true.

    And that quote, if that don’t tread on some people’s toes! Wow, it’s powerful. And yet, it’s nothing but the truth.

    May God help all of us!

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