Month: November 2006

  • The real solid part of the feeling, the heartfelt part (Part III, hungering, thirsting, calling, crying)

    “Get us to a place, Lord, that we’ll get away from all the–the emotional part, to the real solid part of the feeling, the heartfelt part, the deepness of the Spirit, the riches of God, the Kingdom of the Spirit in our hearts. Grant it, O great Leader, great Holy Spirit, before You take Your […]

  • “There’s someone for you. Just wait.” A sister sent a message to my ‘myspace’ account recently, and was telling me how she had been dating a worldly boy, but that she had broke up with him and was trying to turn her life around. This brought several thoughts, and quotes to my mind that I […]

  • Where’s YOUR relationship?

    Stop and imagine with me for a moment. You are in the church parking lot. Your boys are running around a bit and playing. All of a sudden, you see one of them hit the ground. HARD. You check their head and a big knot has, within a minute, appeared and swollen. It looks all […]