Month: August 2007

  • The Word Made Manifest

    The Word Made Manifest We are not going to see the amount (quantity) of results Brother Branham had in our own lives. Wow, that’s pretty blunt and to the point – but seriously: We’re not going to have the world-wide healing campaigns / etc; because that was to get the Brides attention (with the miracles) […]

  • Solid part of the feeling – "rivers of water run down my eyes"

    Leadership, 1965 –“Give us of Thy love. Get us to a place, Lord, that we’ll get away from all the–the emotional part, to the real solid part of the feeling, the heartfelt part, the deepness of the Spirit, the riches of God, the Kingdom of the Spirit in our hearts. Grant it, O great Leader, […]

  • "God, walking on two feet."

    THE.STATURE.OF.A.PERFECT.MAN_ JEFF.IN V-2 N-18 SUNDAY_ 62-1014M 49-3 Now, that is the house that God dwells in, not a building with a big bell on top of it and a high steeple (See?), but, “a body has Thou prepared Me,” a body that God can dwell in, God can walk in, God can see in, God […]