Month: May 2008

  • "I’d rather be standing on the Word of God than standing in heaven"

    Things That Wasn’t So From The Beginning 61-0120   To make this point, the old darkie, here somewhere in the South, one time made a statement, said he’d “rather be standing on the Word of God than stand in the heavens”. They asked him why. He said, “Cause both heaven and earth will pass away, but […]

  • Beating A ‘Dead’ Religion

    I’ve been reading a little book called “Sunshine & Smiles” by Bud Robinson. (Brother Branham speaks of Bud “Buddy” Robinson many times, and you can find the book ‘Sunshine & Smiles’ in the ‘Books By Other People’ section of The Table software). One of the statements he makes in the book that I found very […]