Month: January 2010

  • Schimpffs Confectionary

    * Click the following link to read an honorable mention of Brother Branham on the Schimpffs Confectionary webpage. Believers from around the world have visited Schimpff’s to purchase the little jars of the red hots made famous by Brother Branham’s reference to them, and the healing of Mr. Schimpff in the following quote: LOOK AWAY […]


    * For an update on the status of the believer’s in Haiti please visit the following links: VGR – Haiti Blog VGR – Detailed Report From HaitiVGR – Haiti Relief VGR – Haiti Update II VGR – Update On Haiti As stated in the link shared above: “Brother Joseph has set up a separate fund […]

  • Major Earthquake In Haiti

    * Please keep the believers in Haiti in prayer as they have just had a major earthquake (7.0) 10 miles from Port-au-Prince (the biggest earthquake in recorded history for that area). – Brother Nathan Bryant (Posted From My iPhone)

  • The Color Of Your Status

    Recently on FaceBook there were a lot of status updates with nothing but a color. Many were ignorant to what the status updates were about, but followed suit and changed their status to a color as well. Others assumed it was a petition to vote on the color you wanted the background of FaceBook to […]

  • January 3rd, 2010 service – Liberty, KY

    Brother Nathan Bryant & his son Philip (singing at the end of the service) Brother Philip Bryant (singing for the Lord) Brother Nathan Bryant with his wife (Sister Rebekah Bryant)

  • New Years 2010 Service – Sellersburg, IN

    Brother Nathan Bryant & his son Philip (singing at the end of the service Friday night) Brother Nathan Bryant & Brother Trevor Emond (enjoying some food & fellowship after the service)