Month: May 2010

  • Florida Meetings Report

    * Wednesday, May 5’th – Monday, May 10’th My plane left Louisville, KY at 6:45AM on Wednesday morning. I had a short layover in Charlotte, NC, and arrived in West Palm Beach, FL around 11:15AM. (Many thanks to Brother Trevor Emond for taking me to the airport very early in the morning, and to Brother […]

  • Ministry Photos

    These are some ministry photos that were made recently for the NBM web-page

  • 2MM Goes To Tucson

    Bro Nathan and I recently returned from a preaching trip to Tucson. We preached a total of five services over an extended weekend and a Wednesday night. We really had a blessed time, and while the devil sure seemed out to get us and the families, you just can’t stop what God has in store. […]

  • From the education just can’t fix some things department.

    I read an article today about the recent Lacrosse player murdered in VA. Truly this is a sad thing. A couple paragraphs stood out to me, and I had to comment about them somewhere…so here I am! First the link to the article: The Article Now a clip: “Drinking, debauchery and hateful language are not […]