Month: August 2010

  • Three Year-Old Boy Kidnapped In Honduras

    Please remember this little boy in prayer. Click Here For More Details Update on Caleb Orellana 08/30/2010 I know I would want the Bride of Christ to unite in prayer if it was one of my little boys.I cannot even imagine what he and his family must be going through, but we serve a mighty […]

  • Up2Date I (Economy)

    Up2Date This is a new section we recently had an idea for. ‘Up2Date’ will include quotes we hear of that are so up to date they seem as though they had to be spoken for our time. I am including a few that I have heard recently (in regards to the economy) in this first […]

  • Upcoming Services

    You can view my schedule of upcomingand previous services at the following link: Upcoming Services God bless you,Bro. Nathan Bryant