Month: August 2011

  • Up2Date IV (Instinct)

    (63-0607)  BE NOT AFRAID (TUCSON, AZ) “When Billy and I flew into India, just recently, they had a piece of paper. It’s a bilingual country. And said, “The earthquakes must be over. The birds are returning back.”Now, India, they don’t have these fine woven fences like we have. They pick up rocks and make their […]

  • The Body Of Christ Q&A

    We have been receiving more, and more e-mails to our account. Many are prayer requests, some are encouragements to ‘keep up the good work’, some are requests for advice, and counseling, and some are Scriptural, or Message-related questions. Last night I responded to one of the Scriptural questions we received recently, and thought it […]

  • Ridiculous

    How is your life viewed by others? Do most people find you normal? Do you “fit in” with relative success, no one really seeing the effects of your Christian walk? I’d like you to stop and consider a few Bible characters for just a moment. Consider Moses, he fit in for such a long time […]