50 Years Ago Today: President Kennedy Assassinated

The words and pictures across the headlines in the news today are very similar to what they were on the same day five decades ago. Fifty years have gone by since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, yet mystery and a plethora of conspiracy theories still surround this tragic moment in American History.

A few days after the assassination Brother Branham preached ‘What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ‘ during the Sunday morning service at the Branham Tabernacle. Even though Brother Branham disagreed with President Kennedy on politics and religion he made the following statements in regards to his passing.


Now I’m sure, this morning, that we’re all aware of the great sadness that’s happened to this nation, of the loss of our President, Mr. Kennedy. Though I disagreed with the man in his politics and in his religion, but yet he doesn’t deserve to die like that. No. And leave those little children behind, and no daddy. And a mother that’s… Mrs. Kennedy, though I certainly wouldn’t agree with her, and her ways and things, maybe, but, remember, she’s a mother. She just lost her babies, and she lost her husband. And he fell right in her lap, and her own husband’s blood poured out over her lap. That’s awful.
Did you ever think… Sometimes we think she sets a pace for the nation, in styles and things. That may be so, too. But did you know, Mrs. Kennedy never did hear one of these Messages I preach about that? If she might hear one of them Message, she might do different. And some of our sisters that hear it, and still won’t cope with it. See? See? See? She was raised a Catholic; that’s all she knows. Nothing against that, see. She… That’s a system. Nothing against the people, the Catholic people. That’s a system, the Catholic system, just like Presbyterian, Methodist, or any of the rest of them, see, or Pentecostal, any of it. It’s the system, not the people.
Mr. Kennedy, I think, done a–a good job of being President. My heart goes out for his wife. And I feel real sad about it, that even our own nation would, the hoodlums and so forth in our nation, would do a thing like that.
 If you can’t disagree with a person, right, and take your own stand; and is no reason to kill another man, just because of things like that. And them little children know, said, one little fellow said, “Now I don’t have nobody to play with me no more. Daddy is gone.” See?
So I’ve always thought that would be my state, someday. It’s almost happened several times, as you know, of being shot in foreign nations; when they’ve had to hold their bodies over me, keep me from being shot, at a distance.”


But I think, for the sake of this mother, a human being, a mother of children, Mrs. Kennedy, couldn’t we just stand a moment for a prayer for her?
Lord Jesus, we human beings, we have a feeling for one another. And we are sorry, Lord, that our President was shot down the way he was, in cold-blooded murder. And we’re so sorry that our nation has come to this spot, that such people like that are–are in our nation, that would kill a human being in cold-blooded murder; like they shot that colored brother not long ago, and just shot him right down in cold-blood, of race prejudice. And we’re so sorry that such people exist among us, Lord. We, our weakness, has brought this about.
And we pray for Mrs. Kennedy, that wife of this, the President. And know them little babies looking upon their–their father, that left them a few days before that, happy man, and scuffled and played with them on the floor. Now they have no father. And for that woman that… his wife, that her own husband fell right in her lap, and his blood run out upon her dress; just burying her baby.”


And you’re going to awake sometime. Here, or on the tape, wherever you’re at, you’re going to wake sometime, sinner, and realize that there is a Blood on your hand, and the Blood of the Son of God, and you’re guilty of murdering Him. Your sin murdered Him. Your unbelief in His Word, your failing to see His identification, grieved away the Holy Spirit. And what can you do but stand at the Judgment of God, knowing what’s going to happen to you! Yes, the blood of John Kennedy on the hands of Oswald will be a minor thing, than the Blood of Jesus Christ on your hands when you stand before God.”


* Text in quotes spoken by Rev. William Marrion Branham on 63-1124M

** Photo credit for the picture of John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting President Kennedy’s casket: (Bettmann/CORBIS)


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