Beating A ‘Dead’ Religion

I’ve been reading a little book called “Sunshine & Smiles” by Bud Robinson. (Brother Branham speaks of Bud “Buddy” Robinson many times, and you can find the book ‘Sunshine & Smiles’ in the ‘Books By Other People’ section of The Table software).

One of the statements he makes in the book that I found very timely is this; “If the church is dead, and I keep on fighting it; I prove to the world that I still have faith in it being resurrected, or I prove to the mind of every thinking man that I am diseased just above the ears”.

In a nutshell; If you believe something is dead then why are you still fighting against it? Either you believe it will be resurrected, or there is something mentally wrong with you.

I’ve heard many people say certain ministries are dead, or that ‘certain geographical locations’ are dead, or even that the tapes are dead (or ‘stale manna’).

First let me say this; What could be more alive than the Word made manifest for our day?

Secondly; If you’re so sure something is dead why are you still fighting it so hard? Wouldn’t that mean you are (as the street expression goes) “beating a dead horse”? Either you believe it is alive, or that it will live again, or there is something mentally wrong with you.

I believe God still uses men (He has no hands but our hands, no lips but our lips), so please don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say. But if you are looking for The Living Word; I haven’t found anything more real or alive than the revealed Word for our day (as promised by Malachi 4, Luke 17:11&30, Revelation 17:30, etc).

I thank God that He has revealed the mysteries that were hid down through the ages, and has restored what the other ages left off (Joel 1:4, Joel 2:25). I can never thank Him enough for letting me be a tiny part of the body of believers who have been privileged enough (by the Grace of God) to Catch the Vision; that God sent a vindicated prophet to lead us back to the true Revelation of Jesus Christ.

We love to read the writings of Paul, and the written Words of our Lord Jesus. How wonderful would it be if we could hear their audible voices speaking those Words, and understand the language they were spoken in?

But do you realize how much more blessed we are to be able to have access to every available recorded message of the Messenger (the Voice of God) for our day?
Moses was God (in a portion) made manifest. He was the Word expressed for that hour…” ~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (64-0629)

Now you can take that too far and put the creation above the creator, but he said ‘in a portion’.

God took a part of His Spirit and put It upon seventy elders, and they prophesied. It never weakened Moses a bit. He… But Moses was still the last answer ’cause he had Thus Saith The Lord”. ~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (62-0603)

If part of it is inspired, and the rest isn’t; what kind of Bible or Message do we have? As I’ve stated many times; If this is a ‘hit and miss’ message we might as well go back to some of the denominations we came out of (because they were great at hit and miss).

O fools, and slow of heart to believe ALL that the prophets have spoken.” ~ The Lord Jesus Christ (St. Luke 24:25)

”… One of the men went down and said, ‘Now Brother Branham, when he’s under the anointing is a servant of the Lord, but his theology is no good.’ Said, ‘He’s a prophet when the anointing is upon him.’ But said, ‘When the anointing is off of him,’ said, ‘Oh, his theology is no good’.
A man that would make a statement like that don’t even know what the word prophet means. A ‘prophet’ means ‘a Divine revelator of The Word’. See? And these signs are a vindication that that’s what is the truth.” ~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (61-0209)

Now they didn’t have tape recorders, today, like we got here. But they had Scribes who was setting there, taking It down just as Paul was preaching It. And that’s what It is right here. We’re getting It by tape recorders, and these tapes go over the world, see, to show that It is the Truth. Our religion is not in vain, It’s absolutely the resurrected Jesus Christ, same thing. Now we mustn’t neglect It.” ~ Rev. William Marrion Branham (57-0901M)

Let me say as Job of old;
Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips; I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.” ~ Job (23:11)

-Brother Nathan Bryant

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