Bro Trevor’s Florida Trip Report (December 2012)

My family and I left for a little time off and an evangelistic trip through Florida on December 13th.  It’s a long trip from Southern Indiana with 3 children in the back, but God has given us wonderful children.  After a few evangelistic trips they are getting quite accustomed to long car rides.

So here’s the quick details:

2701 miles driven
12 days
8 Sermons
1 Christmas Play
Lots of Fellowship
Tremendously Blessed!

We arrived in West Palm Beach, FL and spent the weekend with Bro Jack Duff, pastor of Spirit and Truth Tabernacle.  After a couple hours to rest from the drive, we had a youth meeting over at Rapturing Faith Tabernacle with Bro Wessco on Friday night.  I spoke a sermon that had been building on my heart recently entitled “Wilt Thou Be Made Whole

Saturday we had a nice day of fellowship and getting ready for the Christmas play over at Rapturing Faith Tabernacle again.  It was a nice time of worship.  They performed the play I had written based off the Bro Branham sermon “Where is He King of the Jews?“.  Bro Jack and I even played the priests, something that I did NOT realize I was going to be doing until Saturday afternoon sometime.  I think Bro Jack and I did fine for not having a plan for who was saying which line till about five minutes before the play started!  Still, it was a nice time to think on HIM and the reason we have for the season.

Sunday Morning I preached “Declaration of Righteousness” to the saints from Spirit and Truth.  We had a nice time of fellowship and worship.  We were blessed after the service to see a renewing of vows from a couple that had recently come back together.  What a blessing!  God still moves.

Sunday Evening we went to Bro Jean’s church in Boynton Beach and spoke to the Haitian Believers there.  I took a title “Sanctified by His Glory“.  We dealt with being sure we pleased God in all things so that His Presence could be with us.

Monday morning we headed up to St. Augustine.  We stayed with Bro Jack’s niece and her husband.  They have a wonderful little family and were fine hosts.  We took a couple days to tour around St. Augustine and enjoyed the history of the city.  Monday evening we had dinner with Bro Keith Brown, pastor of Victory Tabernacle in St. Augustine.  Even though we had never met prior, Bro Keith graciously invited me to speak on Wednesday night.  I had wanted to meet Bro Keith for some time, especially after seeing the videos of Sis Brenda Lewis’ homegoing service.  His message to the people that day was fantastic.

After a couple days of touring around, I spoke on the subject of “Our Blindness, Satan’s Lies” Wednesday evening.  We had a nice response to the sermon, and I know that lives were touched.  Praise His Name!

Thursday we slowly made our way to Okeechobee, FL to see Bro Smiley at Bible Truth Tabernacle.  I had felt led to speak on “How the Seven Seals apply to our everyday life”, but that required a projector for my slide show.  Bro Smiley had mentioned the projector wasn’t working so I was trying to find the leading of the Lord on what else I might take for a subject.  About halfway through the song service, Bro Smiley realized the projector WAS working, even though it hadn’t for a week or so, and let me know.  Grateful, but a bit frantic, I changed gears back to what I had felt to do and got my slide show in the back.  I believe the teaching was helpful to many and the saints sure seemed to enjoy it.

Friday we were back with Bro Jack again in West Palm.  We took the morning and played Mini Golf with the kids and did a little shopping. That evening for service, I took the same subject that I did at Bro Smiley’s the night before. We had a very nice service. One sister in particular sure seemed to be set free by the Word that was brought.

Saturday we got up and thanked our gracious hosts and said our good byes.  We headed over to Sarasota, FL to be in fellowship on Sunday at House of Fellowship with Bro Danny Stemen.  We had a nice fellowship with many of the saints on Saturday evening.  Sunday morning I spoke on “Wilt thou be made whole” and that evening I took the “Seals Talk” again.  The response of the people was amazing.  I was told one of the young men at the altar was just giving his heart back to the Lord that morning.  God’s presence could be felt and I was humbled at the work of God in the lives of the people.

Bro Danny Stemen and I

Monday morning we were up and away headed back home, with a quick stop at the Chick-Fil-A in Ocalla, FL where some believers work, just to say Hi and God Bless and grab some Chicken Minis!

We thank the Lord for a good safe journey and a blessed trip.  I hope that we were as much of a blessing to those we came in contact with, as they were to us.

God Bless,

Bro Trevor

Bye Florida!

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