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  • Three Year-Old Boy Kidnapped In Honduras

    Please remember this little boy in prayer. Click Here For More Details Update on Caleb Orellana 08/30/2010 I know I would want the Bride of Christ to unite in prayer if it was one of my little boys.I cannot even imagine what he and his family must be going through, but we serve a mighty […]

  • Schimpffs Confectionary

    * Click the following link to read an honorable mention of Brother Branham on the Schimpffs Confectionary webpage. Believers from around the world have visited Schimpff’s to purchase the little jars of the red hots made famous by Brother Branham’s reference to them, and the healing of Mr. Schimpff in the following quote: LOOK AWAY […]


    * For an update on the status of the believer’s in Haiti please visit the following links: VGR – Haiti Blog VGR – Detailed Report From HaitiVGR – Haiti Relief VGR – Haiti Update II VGR – Update On Haiti As stated in the link shared above: “Brother Joseph has set up a separate fund […]

  • He Will Be Missed

    *** For more on the passing of Brother Oral Roberts please visit the following link from He Will Be Missed… ***

  • The Passing of "A Wonderful Man Of God"

    *** “Evangelist Oral Roberts Dies At 91” (Click Here To Read The New Article on TURNING NORTHWARD PHOENIX, AZ 61-0129 “And Brother Oral is certainly a masterpiece of God’s in the pulpit. Wonderful man of God, a man of faith.” JESUS CHRIST THE SAME YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER MIDDLETOWN, OH 58-0323 “But you see, […]

  • The Miracle Of Donny Morton

    Brother Branham refers to a Reader’s Digest article (‘The Miracle of Donny Morton‘) on several tapes. He says in reference to it; “The article when you read it, get ready to cry. It’ll just break your heart, how he went through snowdrifts and everything else with that baby”.That certainly is true. It is a very […]

  • Audio Sermons of Brother Branham

    If would like to stream the audio sermons of Brother Branham and/or download the books (in PDF format) please visit the following link: Message Audio Link You can also download audio sermons from ‘The Seed Library‘ and many of the series’ that Brother Branham brought us in MP3 format at the same link. The Word […]

  • 100 Years Ago Today

    Thank God for the Gift He Sent His Bride 100 Years Ago Today.

  • Paris Reidhead

    Many of us know the story of “Morse” (Paris) Reidhead. We recall Bro Branham telling us about how he tried to convert the Muslim boy, and how the Muslim called him on the Mark 16 issue. The other day, I found online a sermon of Paris Reidhead speaking of that event himself. It’s really quite […]

  • How to print "booklet style" Message Books from the Table Software PDFs.

    I’ve finally recorded the video tutorial for how to print message books from The Table Software in booklet style. Click here to download and watch the smaller file (10M) tutorial.Click here to download and watch the larger file (70M) tutorial. You’ll need the latest version of Adobe Reader to print the books in the booklet […]