Contend for the Lifeline

Jude tells us to “earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. “

Ok, so that means we should be motivated about the faith right? How motivated? What does “earnestly contend” mean??

I don’t think this is something we just do, I believe it is a state of mind, that produces action. Webster says earnest means:

1 : characterized by or proceeding from an intense and serious state of mind

Are you in an intense and serious state of mind about the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ? Does it weigh upon you throughout the day? Does it affect you that others do not know our Lord Jesus Christ as their savior? We’re not talking just a passing though as you see “John” walking across the street. “My, I sure wish John knew Jesus, he seems like such a great guy, it’s a shame.”

My dear friend, have you put yourself into a position of earnestness? Of intensity and seriousness about John? I’m not saying to whap him upside the head with a Bible, or pin him in the corner to talk about his salvation per se…(although that may work)…but have you gone to prayer over that individual’s salvation? Have you prayed with a inward groaning of intensity and seriousness to contend for this faith?

“Why should I be so intense,” you ask? Contending denotes rivalry. You are contending against something…salvation does not always happen to others, it is many times the product of the Spirit moving you to earnestly contending in forms of prayer, ministry, and witnessing. As in any contest, the one who wins is usually the most practiced, strongest, and most “intense”. We are in a contest with the devil for the souls of others.

So we must be Spirit led in our earnestly contending. Bro Branham also speaks of another way which we earnestly contend:

“Listen here; listen close to what I want to tell you. The ever-Presence of the living God is the lifeline of any church or any bunch of people, the ever-Presence of the living God to perform and to do, and to act and to live with the people as He did at the beginning. If the Presence of the living God brought a Pentecost with power, with signs, with wonders, brought a people so full of the glory of God till they shouted and spoke with other languages, and went and martyrs for the faith, let’s earnestly contend for that faith until death shall set us free. Earnestly contend for it.

This faith is our lifeline. It is also the lifeline of the whole world. Some will miss it. Will you? Will others? Are you contending for yourself and others that they may grab hold of the lifeline.


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