Florida Meetings (December 2010)

A few months ago as I was praying I told the LORD that there were several places I would like to visit, and minister to, but be able to pay for my airfare so the saints there would not feel obligated to take care of my expenses.

In my own thinking I had considered that maybe I would maybe receive a large offering somewhere else, and be able to apply it to the airfare for the upcoming trips in answer to this prayer. (God doesn’t always do things the way we expect).

A week or so later I received a new credit card in the mail, because the bank we use had bought out another similar bank which had their own credit card. (Previously our bank had used a third-party credit card that did not acquire ‘points’ for purchases made).

I was informed that this new card had a large amount of ‘points’ that had been transferred over from purchases made on the third-party card. As I investigated this, it turned out they had pro-rated the ‘points’ back to the life of the other cards, and I had enough for three free flights!

As I called the brothers I had on my heart (in regards to the prayer that had been answered) things began to come together perfectly as we planned for an extensive trip to Florida in January.

A short while later one of the brothers called me back, and asked if I would be interested in using one of the flights for a weekend trip to Florida in December as well (since he would be out of town that weekend, and would like for me to fill in for him at his church while he was gone).

My wife and I were married for five years on December 10th, 2010, and I left for Florida the next day (Saturday, December 11th). I preached three different services on Sunday, December 12th, and it was just the LORD helping me because my voice and throat were still recovering from a sinus infection that had caused me to lose my voice almost completely several days the week before.

I am so thankful to the LORD for answering my prayer in an unexpected way (to GOD be the glory), and I certainly appreciated my wife for being so selfless, and loyal in agreeing to celebrate our anniversary on a different weekend so I could go speak to a part of the Bride of Jesus Christ in Florida.

We will be posting a report of the
January 2011 Florida services soon.

Things have been put in motion for the third airplane ticket to be used later this year (LORD willing) as well. I will post the testimony in regards to that once everything has been confirmed.

Bro. Nathan


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