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I read an article today about the recent Lacrosse player murdered in VA. Truly this is a sad thing. A couple paragraphs stood out to me, and I had to comment about them somewhere…so here I am!

First the link to the article: The Article

Now a clip:

“Drinking, debauchery and hateful language are not just lacrosse’s problem. Almost every sport on every college campus is dealing with these issues.

But lacrosse, with its heavy heart, can be the first to seriously try to clean up its act.

“People can’t close their eyes anymore,” Kaplan said. “They can’t pretend it’s not happening. I hope there will be more support on a state level and more specifically on each campus for mandatory, thorough education on gender-based violence.”

What can you say but wow. We want to fix this problem by thorough education on gender based violience?? How about we fix people’s hearts. Perhaps if they knew Christ and aspired unto a goal so much greater than drinking debauchery and hateful language, something greater than lacrosse, something greater than anything in the world; they wouldn’t come to such a horrid end.

This kind of thinking is everywhere. It is easier for man to reform through education or using the old adage of “just try harder”, than it is for him to admit he is so wrong and broken so that he might look for and receive something new, something that’s not them anymore.

We see this even in our churches today: men reforming, men trying harder, men “being good”. Salvation comes through grace by faith alone. There is no other way individuals, or colleges, can deal with the problems stemming from the fall of man and a sinful nature, than by placing them, guilty and lost, at cross of calvary. In the Church Age Book, Bro Branham tells us of how Comenius wrote long ago:

What can help? Only the one thing needful, return to Christ, looking to Christ as the only Leader, and walking in His footsteps, setting aside all other ways until we all reach the goal, and have come to the unity of the faith (Ephesians 4:13). As the heavenly Master built everything on the ground of the Scriptures so should we leave all particularities of our special confessions and be satisfied with the revealed Word of God which belongs to us all. With the Bible in our hand we should cry: I believe what God has revealed in this Book; I will obediently keep His commands; I hope for that which He has promised. Christians, give ear! There is only one life, but Death comes to us in a thousand forms. There is only one Christ, but a thousand Antichrists… So thou knowest, O Christendom, what is the one thing needful. Either thou turnest back to Christ or thou goest to destruction like the Antichrist. If thou art wise and wilt live, follow the Leader of Life.

If thou are wise and wilt live, follow the Leader of Life!


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