Give thyself wholly….that thy profiting may appear to all.

(Authors Note: This is the sixth part of a series of posts looking at the 4th Chapter of I Timothy, verses 12-16. While I try to typically make posts devotional in nature, this one seems like it is turning more into a study. Fault my inexperience at writing…but don’t despise my youth!)

15 Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.

Why am I here? What is my purpose? What do I want to do with my life? What should I do with my life? Who am I? Why do I like pizza so much? Why am I here?

These are all very good questions – questions worthy of answers. Questions I hear screaming out from people time and time again. So begins the search of many people…some try to find it in education, or intellect, by the “continuing quest for truth” as it were. Well, first off…you were created, and if you were created, then the one who would know your purpose is the one who created you.

It makes sense after all. When I “create” a pizza…the pizza could go to college all it wanted and never figure out who it was. The pizza could search for truth amid stacks of pepperoni and piles of cheese and never come up with its purpose. It could scream to the top of the oven “WHO AM I?” but the oven will never answer. Wouldn’t it make sense if the pizza just asked me? “Trevor, why did you make me like this?”. I’d say very hungrily… “Why? So I could eat you of course!” The pizza would finish out the rest of its short life at least having a sense of purpose before I ate it.

Thankfully, we aren’t pizzas!

The point remains however…you will never know your purpose on this earth, unless you ask the one who put you on this earth. If you ask Him, I believe he will tell you. What I also believe you will hear, is that your life isn’t pointless, nor does it lack purpose. God has something for each of us to do as individuals. We aren’t just to live good Christian lives…that’s great, we all appreciate a clean, Godly life. But isn’t there more?

Paul is telling Timothy in this scripture, “give yourself wholly to these things”. Why? “that thy profiting may appear to all”. The profiting he speaks of could be thought of as a sense of purpose and direction. People will look at you and say “there’s a guy who knows who he is and where he’s going. I wish I could be more like that.” “Yeah,” their friends will say, “some people just have it all together.”

You see, there is fulfillment in knowing what you were created for, and accomplishing that purpose. However, you won’t ever accomplish anything, unless you set yourself to the task of completing that thing with all that is in you. To be successful in something, it is necessary to give yourself wholly to them”.

God can do amazing things with what we give him. He can use you to do amazing things if you allow Him to do so. He WANTS to do so. He put you on this earth to be a vessel for Him. He doesn’t want to just use ministers, He wants to use everyone! Unless you give yourself wholly to Him though, your profiting won’t appear to all.

Let’s look at Samson’s life. He put the gates of Gaza on his back and walked off. Thousands of Philistines killed, the oppression of the Israelites, by the Philistines, had begun to be beaten back through Samson’s strength. A lion jumps out and Samson slays it. Strength, Glory, honor…the power of Almighty God coursing through his veins.

“YES!” I’m sure the Israelites shouted! “God is with us! Look at what He has done through Samson!” They began to see the profiting in Samson’s life.

There’s a slight glitch however…everything I’ve mentioned sounds really great, but Samson never “gave himself wholly”. Bro Branham tells us Samson only gave his strength to God, but his heart, he gave to Delilah. So now we find Samson, vexed by a girlfriend, lied to, shaved, bound, blinded, enslaved…

Imagine if he had given his heart to God. What if he had “given himself wholly”. He would not have been snared by this girlfriend of his. See Samson’s “profiting”, or lack there of, is apparent to all. We can see the success and fulfillment of His life. I don’t think there is a person out there that says “I want to be like Samson!” Why don’t we want to be like him? He didn’t give himself wholly to what God had planned for Him to do.

THE.FORGOTTEN.BEATITUDE_ CHICAGO.IL TUESDAY_ 61-0425EE-4 But I said this, that God can use what you yield. Like Samson, Samson would not yield his heart to God. He give that to Delilah. But he gave his strength to God, and God could only use his strength. That’s all. But if a fellow could only yield his complete being to God, now that’s it. If you can yield your–your body, God will use your body. If you can yield your mind, your heart, whatever it is, God will use what you give to Him to use with. He’s seeking to find somebody that He can find yielded like that.

So now it’s up to you. What will you give to God? Will you as David did, seek the Lord “with my whole heart”? (Ps 119:10) . Sure, David had the occasional problem, but I think His profiting appeared to all. His name is known throughout all the ages. He is known as a great great King. It’s because He gave himself wholly to seeking the Lord.

Do you realize that God is your maker and thus had a purpose in creating you? If you realize this…why not give yourself to God. I tell you that all will see your profiting. As you read and grow in Christ, not only will others see your profiting, but you will have peace, purpose, and fulfillment. The answers to your questions will be found in Christ, in His purpose for you. He loves you and knows you. Once you know who you are, and what your purpose is…you will find your fulfillment and happiness you seek. The “quest for ultimate truth” will continue on forever, and you’ll always be seeking something, until you come to God’s Word and find your answers there.

The Bible talks about this kind of person, “ever learning, and never coming to the knowledge of the truth.” Talk about lack of purpose. Talk about a miserable life. Do you think anyone will say “There’s a guy who’s got it all together”. If they did, you would know better. You would know that you’ve searched and searched but never found.

Find your answers in Christ, give yourself wholly to them, that your profiting may appear to ALL. That includes you. Don’t you want to see yourself happy and fulfilled?

Give yourself wholly to Christ.


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