Gone Fishin

Young Foundations has a new post about missionary efforts in Slovenia and Croatia. It sounds to me like they were doing the old fashioned “passing out tracts” except it was message books. The similar post on branham.org lets us know that in this instance, the missionaries didn’t even speak the same language.

Following this post was this quote:

“And I believe that every man, every woman, every boy or girl that ever stays long enough that you’re convinced that it is right, and it is the Holy Ghost, you’re burdened so hard in your heart that you can’t stand still and let these people die like this in shame and sin. It’ll grind the very heart out of you to get out here on these streets.” – Convinced and then Concerned.

My thoughts immediate drift to our efforts here in the States. Are we merely called to just financially and prayerfully support ministries such as VGR? Or should we also be burdened in heart to “get out here on these streets”??

Could I be doing more than I am? I’m certain of it.

I think underlying in our unwillingness to go out and “seek and save that which was lost”are thoughts such as “it wont do any good”. Or that “here in American no one will hear anymore.” We think, “God is working in other places, but not here. God is moving amongst the people in foreign lands, but it’s over there.”

Can you identify with that or am I the only strange one?

I’m certain this outlook is not correct.

I’m sure these brothers had rejections. I’m sure there were people that didn’t want to take the books they were handing out. You know what? I bet it didn’t hurt.

We always talk about how powerful the Word of God is. Yet, how many times do we think about how powerful the Word of God would be if we just got it in someones hands. If we were to just speak it in their ears. God said His Word would not return to him void, but that it would accomplish that which He sent it. Do we believe this?

So, what do we do? Do we begin to sacrifice our cozy Laodicean American lives, and begin to share the Gospel and this Message to others?

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  1. I think it’s wonderful to feel a
    tug to witness to someone. The question is, What if you don’t feel a tug to witness? What if someone gives someone a Message who has shown no interest whatsoever and that person mocks or blasphemes against the Message?
    It would have been better to leave that person alone.
    I think that if God leads one to witness, then one should witness.
    Or if a person asks about ones religious or spiritual beliefs, then one can tell them about this Message of Christianity. Many people will be saved just for being good to God’s children.
    Sometimes that’s all one can do, is be a friend to them for that may be God’s way for their salvation. But God loves that one has a desire to witness and He will lead those that have this desire, in His time.

  2. Well, I have to respectfully disagree a bit.

    You, I, and all believers were pretty much commanded to “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel”

    Did Paul shun to witness because he was scared someone might blaspheme?

    Think about it for a minutes, without Christ they are on a one trip ticket to everlasting fire. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to try and let them know?

    Bro Branham said “you’re burdened so hard in your heart that you can’t stand still and let these people die like this in shame and sin. It’ll grind the very heart out of you to get out here on these streets”

    Missing that burden that he said should be there? I don’t see any “What if you don’t feel”

    I see a “you should have this…the life of Christ should bear this in you”

    Should we be led? Absolutely. I think the problem is, we’re not hearing/feeling the leading that the prophet said would be there.

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