How to print "booklet style" Message Books from the Table Software PDFs.

I’ve finally recorded the video tutorial for how to print message books from The Table Software in booklet style.

Click here to download and watch the smaller file (10M) tutorial.
Click here to download and watch the larger file (70M) tutorial.

You’ll need the latest version of Adobe Reader to print the books in the booklet style.

*edit* Printer update. I was showing how to do this to a friend of mine with an HP printer. Their printer printed the LAST page first. In this scenario, you would have to take all the pages, reorder them first to last, and place them back into the paper tray for it to print out correctly. Remember, if your printer prints last to first, you may have to reorder them. My Canon R200 prints first to last, and so all I do is take the paper, as is, and flip it vertically, and place back into the paper tray.

*edit* Permissions. Yes, it is ok to print out the PDFs for personal use. That’s why they were included in the Table software.

From the help manual that comes with The Table – “The software edition PDFs used for printing in The Spoken Word format also have not all been through Voice Of God Recordings’ normal editing process.”

Thanks to anyone expressing concerns over this.


6 responses to “How to print "booklet style" Message Books from the Table Software PDFs.”

  1. Do I understand you correctly that you want to print the Messages from off The Table?
    Isn’t that prohibited according to the VOG Recording, Inc. ?

    Isn’t obedience better than sacrifice?

    End User License Agreement

    The material on the discs you will receive with The Table is protected by copyright. By purchasing and using The Table, you are agreeing to adhere to the following terms and conditions. Should you not agree to adhere to this licensing agreement, do not install or use this program, but return it immediately to Voice Of God Recordings for a full refund of your purchase price.

    Personal Use

    As a purchaser of this program you will have permission to copy the MP3 audio files to any format or media you may wish for your personal use, or that of your family residing in your home. Other than normal installation of this software onto your hard drive, using the supplied installation program, the contents of disc #1, including the programs, infobases, PDF, HTML, DSP, and other files, may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed, reverse engineered, tampered with, or modified in any way. You may, however, use the program on multiple computers that you own in your home.

  2. Thanks for the comment there Mr. Anonymous.

    One would have to wonder why on earth they would have included PDF files of the messages if they weren’t designed for printing out books for you own personal use.

    If I felt that it was against the agreement, I would of course, agree, obedience is better than sacrafice.

  3. Just goes to show that someone will always misunderstand no matter how carefully you try to word things. The whole purpose of a PDF is to print the sermons. In the manual we covered book printing options using Acrobat 5.1 and 7.0, but Acrobat Reader 8.1 came out with new options after the 2005 release, and so printing an actual stapled book is now possible, but not covered. (Thanks Trevor)

    We want our work to be a blessing to other, it is what we live for. We just ask that others respect the work we did so we can continue to improve it. Printing a PDF is use, not abuse.

    James R. Jones
    IT Manager
    Voice Of God Recordings

  4. Sorry for misunderstanding.
    I was thinking that people
    were encouraged to print their own books for major redistribution.

    I would think it would be so much easier and cheaper to just buy the particular written Message from VOG, but then again, I could certainly be wrong in that too!

    It’s no wonder I have to stay anonymous! (smile)

    God bless you both and your wonderful site.

    p.s. Today is a special day.
    According to Leviticus 23 it’s
    the Atonement day.
    Oh, that’s a great day of expectation as the Seventh Trumpet sounds right there with the Seventh Seal.

  5. “I would think it would be so much easier and cheaper to just buy the particular written Message from VOG”

    I would tend to agree!! So does my little Epson printer! But unfortunately, not all the books are available in print.

    The intent of the little video tutorial was for those who simply want to print a book to follow along in service.

    “Sorry for misunderstanding.”

    If forgiveness is needed, you have it!

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