Living Representative

Here’s some quotes I particularly enjoyed in the last few services we’ve had.

BEHOLD.A.GREATER.THAN.SOLOMON.IS.HERE_ COLUMBIA.SC TUESDAY_ 62-0612 E-68 Now, that’s contrary to God. See? God is not a idol; God is a Spirit, and we prostrate ourselves before that. And the Spirit don’t come into some idol, as some so-called Christians would have us to believe, but the Spirit comes into you. And you are God’s house, living…?… walking around, manifesting the living God. For God dwells not in temples made with hands, “but a body hast thou prepared Me.”You are God’s letter, a written epistle. God is in you, manifesting Himself through. If you could prostrate yourself before God, and say, “God, I’m a sinner. Come into me,” and then the Holy Spirit comes in, and then you’re a living idol of God, living representative of God, walking around with God speaking through your lips to others.

BE.NOT.AFRAID_ SOUTH.GATE.CA WEDNESDAY_ 62-0620 E-85 But this is my ministry that He give me a gift. And that gift is to shake the church to bring it to a recognition of the coming of Christ, the return of the Spirit of God in the church. It’s on you, the same Spirit. It might not be the same gift, but the same Spirit. There’s different manifestations, but the same Spirit all the time. The same Holy Ghost you got is the same Holy Ghost I got, the same Holy Ghost we all got. It’s all the children of God.

Off I go now. Manifesting Him. Walking around with Him speaking through MY lips to others.

God Bless,

Bro Trevor


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