More than the denominations?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I will constantly check up on myself. I want to be right, I don’t ever want to feel comfortable in where I’m at unless it’s because I am so totally in the arms of God. Here’s one I think that hits alot of us really hard and we should all check ourselves by this quote.

Now, the modern church, which we call the denomination… We holiness people, you know, we call them, the modern, and they go out there and they start in their revival, too. You say, “They’re not getting anywhere.”
But now wait just a minute. What have we got? Got nothing, no more than they got. That’s exactly right. As long as we fuss and stew and carry on among one another, we still walk as men. Until a man can get down at the altar and get right with God, till he can overlook little things and move on like a Christian ought to… Pot can’t call kettle black. Right. Don’t holler at them. Let’s clean our own steps first.

Are there little things that we can’t overlook in another brother? Will we disfellowship, or “fuss and stew and carry on among one another”. I think we could honestly say that us saying to someone else “why that brother, He said this about so and so, bless God, he’s got to get right!!” And we honestly can’t love one another because of some little thing.

I’m not saying that we say their peculiar “doctrine” or “revelation” is ok. The Word is the Word. Yet we should still love one another, no matter their view.

For if ye love them that love you what reward have ye? Do not even the publicans so?
If ye love only them that see things the same way you do…and “fuss and stew” with the others…then we “still walk as men” and we’ve “got nothing more” than the denominations have.

Christ died for and loved all people. If we have the love of Christ in our lives…will not we love all people likewise? Do we have His love in our lives?? Or do we just have some doctrine?

-Bro Trevor


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