Neglect of the Bible

A few years ago, I used to send out, via email, a daily quote or scripture. Much like I do with this blog now, although in a much shorter format. At the end of those emails I would always include “P.S. Have you read your Bible and prayed today?”

How about you? Have you read your Bible and prayed today? “I’ll do it later” some say. “I do that before bed, not when I wake up.” Will you really? Or will tonight be like other nights where you say “O Lord, I’m just so tired?” Another opportunity of strengthening is missed.

How many of us can say we have read the Bible today. Now, of those of us that have, how many of us opened the Bible, read a quick Psalm so that we “got our Bible reading in for the day.”

I ask you, is this healthy to our Christian walk? In his book entitled “Revivals of Religion”, Charles Finney tells us of “sins of omission” that are instrumental in taking away the spirit of revival in our lives.

One omission he speaks of is Neglect of the Bible. Charles Finney writes:

“Put down the cases when for perhaps weeks, or longer, God’s Word was not a pleasure. Some people, indeed, read over whole chapters in such a way that they could not tell what they had been reading. If so, no wonder that your life is spent at random, and that your religion is such a miserable failure.”

Now, those are some tough words. I guess this is why I like Charles Finney. He reminds me of Stephen the martyr telling the Pharisees that they received the law, but haven’t kept it. But I digress…

Don’t you think it is strange tho? We who love God, aren’t daily finding out more about Him, aren’t devoting time to Him, and just Him? Isn’t He the most important thing in our lives?

Are we just misguided? Are we just struggling? Or is it that we think we love Him but really we don’t? Please dear reader, do not be hurt by this statement, but love has action associated with it. Don’t we want to find out more about our Love?

He has given us His love letter to us. Do we brush it aside? Or do we look for those little nuggets that make us sigh with love for our sweet bridegroom?

He wants to tell you how much He loves you. Wont you read it today? Not just read it, but read it with passion!

-Bro Trevor

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  1. Brother Trevor, You have a great talent for sharing wonderful points from your heart. This will encourage many hearts. Keep up the good work! – We need all the encouragement we can get.


    Your Friend…

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