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I returned home late Sunday evening from a nice trip to San Antonio. Bro Jonathan Goff, a minister out of Bro Tom Mafalo’s church in San Antonio, invited me to come and fellowship with them for the weekend.

The little flock meets together in Bro Tom’s home. They are a diverse group with a few Caucasian, and the rest of the group is divided equally between Hispanic and Congolese. Thankfully the Congolese believers speak English, so we only needed translation of the preaching into Spanish.

We had a blessed time of fellowship together. I found the spirit to be very sweet amongst the believers. We were also visited by a small group from Austin, TX, and were blessed to hear of their testimonies about how they all came together. I’ll share a little of that testimony.

A brother had begun to share the Message and testify to a young man who was working with him. He told the young man he needed to read the Church Age Book. The young man said he would like to read it, and proceeded to ask the brother every day if he brought him the book. By the third day, the brother figured there must be something to this young man, and remembered to bring the book to him. The young man took the book to his home and was sitting out on the front deck of the apartment he lives in reading the book.

Unbeknownst to all of them, there was a brother from Honduras living at the same apartment complex. He was unaware of any other believers in his area. He was walking down the sidewalk by the young man’s apartment as the young man read. The brother noticed the young man reading, and WHAT he was reading. He fell on his knees and began to praise the Lord. He got up and asked the young man, “where did you get this book?”

He began to tell the young man and his wife about the prophet William Branham. The young man’s wife said she had heard about this before. Her parents had began to receive the last day Message as well.

It was certainly a joy to fellowship with these fine believers who are believing and learning the Message in Austin, TX.

I preached Saturday evening on “Rest vs. Rebellion”. The people were encouraged to rest in Christ. Sunday morning I preached “Culture Degrades Truth”, and exhorted the people to drive the enemy out of their land completely, and to raise up living stones in their homes.

The fellowship was wonderful, and I look forward to a return trip in the not too distant future.

Bro Trevor


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  1. I love it how you’re al wearing suits, and Bro Jon is in his checked shirt! Beautiful testimony… thanks for sharing. Sounds like an amazing time!!

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