Schimpffs Confectionary

Click the following link to read an honorable mention of Brother Branham on the Schimpffs Confectionary webpage.
Believers from around the world have visited Schimpff’s to purchase the little jars of the red hots made famous by Brother Branham’s reference to them, and the healing of Mr. Schimpff in the following quote:
And a fellow down here, Schimpff’s Candy place. Is Mr. Schimpff here tonight? I’d like for him to tell it, if he is here. Sonny Schimpff, great healthy man. Many times when I used to…
I hate to say this, but it’s the truth. Pop used to give me a dime if I worked all week, and I’d came to town and park my bicycle around at Brother Mike Egan’s place, one of the trustees here. With Jimmy Poole, I think his son is here tonight; Jim and I, and Earnest Fisher, and we would go down town, and go to the picture show for a nickel, and we used to see the old still pictures. We was little kids, and wanted to, about eight, ten years old. We had that William S. Hart. Many of you guys don’t remember him, the old actor. Still pictures; and I couldn’t read. I’d just have to watch what was going on. And it would have to spell it all out, and I couldn’t make it, but I’d watch what he was doing.
And I’d have an extra nickel. And how many remembers getting a penny ice cream cone? All right. I could get three ice cream cones, and two-pennies worth of red hots. I couldn’t hold the ice cream cone, so I would eat them. And get me two-pennies worth of red hots, it would be almost a half a pound of them things. And Schimpff’s made them. And I’d go in there, and sit back and watch William S. Hart.
And this young fellow, a little older than I, stricken down with a disease, that five noted specialists of Louisville passed him by, weighing about forty-five pounds, and was dying. Mrs. Morgan was nursing him. And he was in such a condition! He had so many things; his lungs was gone, his throat was gone. His little arms was just about that big around, and he was lying there, dying.
And Mrs. Morgan was hired to come on the job. So she said to him, “I was once the cancer patient,” and began to tell him.
He said, “Who did you say, Billy Branham? Why,” he said, “I’ve sold him a many a bunch of red hots and ice cream cones.” He said, “Wonder if he’d come pray for me?” And I went over to pray for Junie Schimpff.
And now if you would like to talk to him, it’s Schimpff’s Candy down here, right next door, or second door from LeRose Theatre, down the street. Schimpff’s Candy, all of you here know where that’s at. My, it’s one of the oldest establish in Jeffersonville.
And while lying there, dying, with five specialists giving him just hours to live. It was THUS SAITH THE LORD, “You’ll not die; but you’ll sell me again red hots, over the counter.” Long…
I knowed he got well, but long had I forgotten that. And wife and I was going down to buy some candy, when we got here at Christmas. And how, I don’t know, that we ever thought of Schimpff’s. Cause, usually, go over here to some of these drugstores and pick it up, but we stopped in front of Schimpff’s.
When I went in, his sister looked, and she said, “Well, Brother Branham.” She said, “You remember Junie?”
I said, “Yes.” And there, a great big, strong, healthy-looking fellow.
And I walked over to the counter, looked at it, looked down like this. I said, “I’ll take a pound of those red hots.”
And he said, “Yes, sir.” So, his sister was waiting on my wife. And, so, he got them out.
And I said, “I used to eat them, a long time ago, over here in the picture show”; keep my head down.
And he said, “Yeah,” said, “many of the kids buy that.” “They still buy,” I said.
He said, “My father made that, fixed up that formula.” I said, “I really like them.”
Now, after he got it all fixed out and hand it to me, said, “Is there anything else?”
And I said, “I don’t know,” and raised up. Oh, my! He said, “Brother Branham!”
I said, “Here is the red hots, that, I told you, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD,’ about five years ago.”
He said, “Brother Branham, I am so completely healed, there is not even one effect. I’m a tiny bit hard hearing in one ear.” I guess he is in his fifties. He said, “I’m a tiny bit hard hearing in one ear, because they give me so much antibiotic when I was in there.” Amazing grace of Jesus Christ!
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