The Color Of Your Status

Recently on FaceBook there were a lot of status updates with nothing but a color. Many were ignorant to what the status updates were about, but followed suit and changed their status to a color as well. Others assumed it was a petition to vote on the color you wanted the background of FaceBook to be.

In reality it was a movement requesting you to raise awareness for breast cancer by putting the color of your undergarment as your status. Many of the sisters around the Message quickly participated by updating their status.

Have we lost that “God-given quality to safeguard our morals”?

Are we really that blind and ignorant to miss Satan’s tactics?

We are living in the information age. Satan doesn’t need you to actually stoop so low as to show someone your underneath garments to make them stumble when he can just have you describe it to them on FaceBook or in a text message.

I don’t care what the cause is. The spirit behind this type of thing is wrong (period). That type of information does not need to be broadcasted publicly or privately to anyone but your husband.

Most women with any common sense have ‘awareness’ without you letting Satan use you as a tool to cause brothers to think about any part of your body.

Oh you’re too spiritual to actually physically present yourself like that before men, but if you don’t have enough common sense not to broadcast those things to the world maybe it’s time to take another look at the spirit that’s causing you to do that.

You may think this is harsh, or cruel, or brash, or flat. But if you have any spiritual wisdom at all you’ll hopefully be able to realize it’s the truth.

If you think I’m being rough, think about what the prophet of God would say about this type of thing? I’ll actually share a few quotes with you below (that I hope you will take the time to read) to show you what sort of things he would have to say about something like this.

May we open our eyes and see that it’s “The Same Devil Under A Different Name” causing you to present yourself indecently before men in new ways through the information age.

I hope we can humble ourselves enough to repent and ask God to open our eyes to see that it’s the same devil changing his tactics enough to deceive us into thinking things like this aren’t wrong, when the spirit behind it is exactly the same as from the beginning.

– Brother Nathan Bryant

“Would God do that, make a world so pretty; look here, God making His daughters so pretty, and would dress them so sexy, that His sons would lust after them and would commit adultery? What? God do a thing like that?”

“Now, he didn’t blush for the scarlet streak of the red light district. He didn’t blush for the booze drinkers in the hell holes, although as bad as it may be. But he blushed because the sin of the elect. And what we need today is some more prophets with enough God in their hearts to blush in the Presence of God for the sins of the people who call themselves the people of God and doing the way they’re doing. What a disgrace we’ve brought to this place. The morals of our people…
This is not a easy subject to speak on. I could think of many things that were easier to speak on. But, brother, if somebody don’t stand out in this sinful, adulterous day that we live in and call the colors, what’s going to happen? Somebody has got to speak the thing. Somebody’s got to place it before the people. Perhaps Ezra didn’t want to do it. But it was in his heart.”

“It’s hard to find a girl with enough modesty to blush. They’ve heard so many dirty jokes and filth, and, why, you couldn’t say nothing to make them blush. When a few years ago, no more than when I was a boy, a little thing wrong, their face would color up, a little thing pass by, and another little girl’s little underneath skirt was showing in school, and I was standing, talk, and when she looked over and seen this little girl’s underneath skirt showing, her little face turned red, and she walked away from me, a sixteen year old girl. Why, what a… That’s the God-given quality to safeguard our morals.”


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Special thanks to all of our readers & may God richly bless you!

**Edit: We received the following comment in regards to this post, but it was posted accidentally on the post about Haiti (above) instead of this one. It reads:

I understand where you coming from and don’t discount what you have stated one bit. You asked what the prophet would say, I would like to ask, what would Jesus do? He went to prostitute, the woman at the well and those in need of a doctor. He reached out in a pure love to those the religious ppl of the day would not associate with. He didn’t come for those who were well. My question to you is, did you respond in the type of love as Jesus? Did you pray for our sisters or just condemn them? Let us not be like the pharisees who would not associate with the ones that Jesus regularly ate with. “

Yes, Jesus reached out in love. To the prostitute he forgave and said “sin no more”. To the Pharisees he loved them very harshly, calling out their sin. Let’s not kid ourselves, God’s love isn’t all squishy ooshy gooshy. Jesus loved with a passion never before seen on earth, but He cannot abide sin.
I don’t feel this post was a condemnation of those who participated as there was grace for those who didn’t realize what they were doing. It was however a condemnation that the “innocent act” of displaying the color of your undergarments was and is sinful.
You then asked if we prayed for our sisters. Absolutely. Much prayer from myself and Bro Nathan, and other close associates we discussed this with. We were groaning and grieving that this was taking place within the ranks of believers who we felt ought to have known better.
As for being like Pharisees? We haven’t unfriended or ignored any who we knew did this. We weren’t trying to drive people into the ground. We were calling out sin. Telling people it was time to call a halt, wake up, and have some discernment on this dangerous place we call the internet.

God Bless,
Bro Trevor

In addition to what Brother Trevor has already commented; Love Is Corrective.

If your child runs out into the street, or onto the railroad tracks you don’t spank them because it brings you joy do so (unless you are mentally or spiritually deranged). You correct them because you love your child, and you want to make sure they don’t do this again because you know it puts their life in danger.

We had received some criticism from the post when it was initially posted on FaceBook claiming that we weren’t doing as the Bible suggested (talking to the individual / taking two witnesses / bringing before the church / etc), but we were not condemning or naming individuals; we were crying out against the sinful spirit behind a group movement.

Like the example of correcting the children; we don’t rebuke things like that because it makes us happy to have to do so. We do it because we love those people, and want to make sure their spiritual life (and the spiritual life of others) isn’t put in danger by things like this that creep in subtly and deceive the people.

We always want to pray for others (regardless of what they’ve done) and extend the love of Christ to everyone (especially those that the ‘religious people of the day’ tend to disregard), but lets not forget just how corrective the love of Christ could be (especially to those who already claimed to be ‘religious’).

The Pharisees claimed to be very religious, but were making the commandments of God of no affect by their traditions (and Jesus told them so to their face).

John the Baptist called them snakes, Jesus said they were of their father the devil, and that they did his works. Jesus also plaited ropes and beat those who were trying to make the sacrifices at the House of God a commercial money-making scheme.

They didn’t beat around the bush, and they didn’t pull punches to appear politically correct. They cried out against sin (as real men of God and true Christians always have, and always will).

God is a good, and loving God, but He’s not an old doting Grandpa that just lets His kids get by with anything.

God bless you,

– Brother Nathan


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