The flame in our hearts

In the message “What house will you build me” Bro Branham says: “I know that each one of you, if you feel like I do, I am so hungry to see the Spirit of God moving, I just can’t hardly stand it. Some experiences I just had up in the mountain, just to feel that once again, that Something that when I was first saved was so glorious to my heart! And we can come into a place, we can sit and we see it among us, that we are drying. As we sit here in the desert, I get among my brethren, they talk with me and I talk with them; always, in a little way of watching, feeling out there with the Spirit, as it was, to see just the condition of that brother, to see what’s wrong. I begin to feel us all reclining, getting away from the Spirit. It’s become too natural a thing to us. We must worship in the Spirit, where the Spirit of God… Not only our Message should be the flame of the hour, it should be the flame in our hearts. See? It’s got to be in our hearts, or we can’t–we can’t rightly present It to the people. The Spirit has to pack the Message, Itself. And I’m trusting and believing in every one of you, to be a real Christian.”

Have you noticed yourself “drying up”, “reclining” or “getting away from the spirit”. I’ve kind of noticed that in my life lately. Sure I read my Bible every day…I listen to more tapes in a week than many do…but what is that to me if my life is devoid of the Spirit?

This message must be the “flame in our hearts”. A flame always speaks of the Spirit. We MUST have the Spirit in our Worship.

We cannot allow this to “become too natural” to us. It cannot just become our lifestyle. It cannot just be our duty. It must be a living flame inside of us. There must be passionate, supernatural element to our experience.

Like Bro Branham said “I am so hungry to see the Spirit of God moving, I just can’t hardly stand it.” This resonates with me. I know we wont have a national revival. But I don’t believe the Spirit of God has stopped moving. He can move in our hearts, and the hearts of those we love and fellowship with every day.

I don’t want to be dry or reclining. I want to be worshiping in the Spirit.

I want him to be the “flame in our hearts”

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