Thought Of The Day: Comparisons

My turn!!  My turn!!  Bro Nathan has been posting all these “thought of the day” posts recently and I realized that if I didn’t get in on this action, everyone would think he has been more spiritual than I lately.  I can’t let that happen!!


verb (used with object)
1) to examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc.) inorder to note similarities and differences: to compare twopieces of cloth; to compare the governments of two nations.

 For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

I started today’s thought out with a comparison.  “People will begin to think Nathan is more spiritual than me lately, because he’s blogging more than me on spiritual matters.”  What’s worse is if *I* begin to make the same comparison myself!

Paul was very cognizant of this very human nature, and quick to tell us we aren’t wise when we do this.

How about a few examples – just see if you can make a comparison in your own life! (I love ironies!)

“Well, I need grace just as much as the next guy of course, but at least I’m not legalistic like those stuffed-shirt-holier-than-thou’s over there.  They think they know everything too”

Not wise.

“I wish I were more like Bro Edwardian.  Wow, what a brother.  One day I hope the Lord makes me as good of a Christian as he is.”

Not wise.

“I’m more passionate about God than anyone else in my church!”

Uh…that’s really nice.  But…not wise.

We don’t compare ourselves to others.  That’s not a mark of anything.  Even our holiness standards sometimes are compared based off the world.  As long as we’re “holier than the general worldly standard” we are obviously holiness people right?  – Not wise.

We should always compare our lives by the Word of God (written and revealed) with the leadership of the Holy Ghost in our lives.  That’s a real comparison.

So this woman, finally, she got–fell in love with a man, neighbor. And she left her husband, and run off, and married this man, and continued playing the piano in the church. And after while, she left him and married another one. And she thought she was doing all right.
And then finally, ended up as a common-law wife. What was it? Her soul told her in the beginning, “Don’t do that.” But she reasoned, “Now, if the rest of the woman can do this, why can’t I do it?” But down in her soul was a Spirit that said, “Don’t do that; keep away from that; that’s not right.” But yet, she fought against that, and cast that aside, and she went to reasoning. Don’t you see? Don’t reason, just believe. Believe God’s Word; don’t try to reason it out. Just what God said is the truth. And believe that to be the truth. And don’t go to your reasonings; go to your experience, to Christ in the heart and compare it with God’s Word.”  ~ WMB 55-1001

So don’t compare yourself to others as a measuring stick – that’s very dangerous.  Check up by the Word of God.

Don’t let your spiritual walk come down to proving others wrong by the Word…that’s a comparison too.

What is it that caused this misunderstanding? The answer is, “EXPERIENCE”. We have gone by experience and not the Word. Away with experience as your measuring line. There is only one plumb line, only one rod, and that is the WORD.”  WMB Church Age Book

Just walk reverently and daily seeking Him.


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  1. Very good words, my Brother. I really appreciate this post. So easy to let this happen. Lord help me not to be found doing this. God bless y’all!!

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