Up2Date II (Perversion)

Look in the world today. The history of the world has never seen so many perverts as we got today. And my mail is filled with mothers, crying, from over here in California. Reading the newspaper, that perversion, why, it changed in California, I think, on around thirty percent, over the year before. Perversion, it’s everywhere, filth. Schools, religious schools, have to excommunicate people out of their schools, has a hard time picking out. Perverts, “changing the natural course,” just like it was in Sodom, we see it that way.

There’s never been a time, since Sodom, that homosexuals and perversion was on the march as it is now. You ought to go in my office and read the mail of mothers from California and around, about their boys’ living. Oh, it’s terrible! And I picked up a paper here, a couple years ago, flying over Los Angeles, and where it said that–that the great sin of Sodom was on such an increase there till it had increased twenty percent over the year before. And all out through, even to government officials, and it’s everywhere. Sin!
It’s because that women has made themselves so cheap. They have brought it upon themselves. And it’s–it’s a cheap affair. Used to be, you took off your hat, to a woman on the street. And now you’d do it, she’d laugh in your face. See? You–you… We’ve made ourself a bunch of corruption, so degrading ourselves.

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  1. Man brother that’s some tough stuff and to see how much worse it has gotten in resent times even in the ranks of the message ….. It just should make us hunter down in our prayer closets and seek for God all the more !!!!!

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