Up2Date III (Nature)


  He said there would be… The sea would be roaring. Look at it today: tidal waves, never heard of them before in history. Here they are breaking on the shores and killing people. Earthquakes in divers places... I just don’t have the right statistics, but I forget how much that the earthquake has come to a place where every so many hours, there’s so many earthquakes all over the world. Just coming all the time, for the little shell that we live on is becoming thinner and thinner all the time.
  And men go right on living, saying, “There is no such a thing as hell,” look up in the face of God, and deny there is such a thing as hell, and setting on a pot of it. Falling volcanics… And the earth all out of cater… Science says the earth, out in the sea, it’s becoming more shallow; at the North Pole, it’s becoming deeper, because the earth is a spreading out. Oh, it’s just about ready to be delivered. And people see these things…  And He said there would be an unrest in the last days, no peace, unsettled. Look at today, at every nation scared to death. The radio and television screens are set everywhere, I… of the… I mean, radar screens setting everywhere, watching somewhere for a missile to be let loose. And the first missile lets loose, it’s going to be explosion all over everywhere, because every nation is ready. The little nations can’t be ignored any more, because they got the same thing the big nations got. And it’s ungodly men, and it’s ungodly nations.

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