What is the living God?

A good friend of mine read this quote to me yesterday.

We are made partakers of His holiness. We, in His image, we are living images of a living God. Then dead to self, raised with Him (Now, listen, listen to this.), His Word made flesh again in us. (O Brother Neville…) Look. What is it? Not the mythical, imaginary god setting out there, but the living God… What is the living God? The Word in you making Itself real. Whew. Glory to God. Oh, I know you think I’m a holy-roller. Maybe I am. But, oh, brother, do you see it? Triumph over every denomination, triumph over all paganism, a living God made manifest in a living temple. And the Word of God, which is God, is made flesh in you. Why? You’re seated in heavenly places, triumphed over all things in Christ Jesus. Amen. (William Branham, Christianity vs. Idolatry)

The Word in you making Itself real.

Are you a part of that?

Think about it:

  • Does the Word make itself real in you?
  • Does it produce more than your idea of correct doctrine?
  • Does it bring your body in subjection to the Word of God?
  • Does it produce the fruits and life of a Christian?
  • Does it bring you into Holiness, and away from the things of the world?

Are you growing in Holiness, Grace, Humility, and Power? Or do you sit starchly and smugly in the “knowledge” that you have correct doctrine and are therefore Bride?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe our correct doctrine helps us to “Triumph over every denomination, triumph over all paganism” but is that all it means for the Word to be made real?

Look a few sentences before that statement. “Then dead to self”. There it is! You need that too! Being dead to self brings you into holiness and purity. Being dead to self brings you into complete humility. It’s all about Him!!

Please consider this thought in your next prayer time.

God Bless,

Bro Trevor

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