Wow. Who would have thought?

A recent study found that sexual content on TV is directly linked to teen pregnancy. Really? Thank goodness for these studies. Now we can go about correcting the behavior of our children.

Or we could have listened to the prophet of God back in 1957 to figure that out.

E-28 Put television out way it is now, and uncensored programs of all this vulgarity and everything. Let a little boy go. The gate is the eye to the soul… The eye is the gate to the soul, rather. Let him go in and, let these little girls go into one of these movies, or something, or other and see one of these here women out of Hollywood with eight or ten husbands, making love to some man. That little girl will practice the–the same thing the next day. Let some fantastic, nonsense come out out there with some kind of a little old scandal looking skirts on or something or other like that, and watch the American women go to wearing the same thing. That’s right. See, you catch each other…

I also want to take this post to point out the myth that was around when I was a teenager. The girls seemed to think it was ok for them to watch love scenes but the guys couldn’t because of the difference in how guys and girls are made. I think this quote kind of trumps that logic.

The study also points out that “a little parental involvement can go a long way” with regards to controlling content on TV. While I of course agree, my definition of “a little parental involvement” involves the various ways of unhooking or destroying the thing entirely…I’m not sure that’s what they meant.

-Bro Trevor


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