The Main Thing

LAW OR GRACE 54-1006
But the main thing, as brother said; the main thing to do, you must forsake everything for your fellowship with Jesus Christ: everything. ‘Cause, after all, we get to watching each other, and then we get away from Christ. You see? I’d rather spend lots and lots of time fellowshipping Him so you can help others. Is that right?

Was listening to this message today and that quote cut me deeper than anything has in a long time. By nature I’m sort of a ‘people person’ and I love being around people. Brother Trevor makes fun of me sometimes because I hate to eat by myself and many times I’ll drive thirty minutes out of my way to eat with him or some other brother.

But I see now more than ever that the main thing isn’t so much that I have constant fellowhsip with people – but that I need to get alone more and keep that constant fellowship with Him so when His people really do need me for something I’ll be in a position to help them.

You brothers keep me in prayer please that I’ll be able to do that in the way I want to for Him.

-Bro Nathan


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