Are the Message and the Creation Museum Compatible? Pt. I (Dinosaurs)

I’m a big fan of the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. I’m an even bigger fan of the Message of the Hour from the prophet William Branham. Many following this Message might go see the Creation Museum and wonder, “What did Bro Branham say about all this?” I’m NOT going to claim to have all the answers on this topic, but I’d like to show you my own research on where the Message would agree, and disagree.

Q. Just when WERE they created?

Answers In Genesis makes no apology for not putting words in the Bible. If birds and fish were created on the 5th day and land animals on the 6th day, well depending on the type of dinosaur, those would be your days. No “other creation” or anything like that. The logic being, the Bible doesn’t tell us what day the robin or albatross was created on, why should it tell us when a pterodactyl was created? The Bible doesn’t specifically tell us that the Rhino was created on Day 6, why then should it list the T-rex? Why should we think differently just because they aren’t around anymore? The only reason we do, is because of our evolutionary teaching culture.

Bro Branham mentions the word Dinosaur(s) 4 times. I list them below:

Here the other day they found a–a some kind of a dinosaur tooth, up here around of… I guess you all heard about it; up here at the Niagara Falls. Said, “It weighed six pound.” I thought they was going to say it come out of a man, but I–I think they finally defined it as some kind of a prehistoric animal. Those animals probably lived one time on the earth. Where are they now?
Do you know, God Almighty could command dinosaurs to come upon this earth, in the next hour they’d be forty miles deep? You know, God could destroy this world with fleas? He could call for fleas. Where do they go when they die? What happens to the housefly? What happens to the grasshopper? Wintertime comes, and goes forty below zero; and, go out the next spring, grasshoppers all over everywhere. Where did they come from? He’s the Creator that speaks it into existence! He is God! Nature obeys His Word.

I said, “Yes, sir.” And I said, “They, course, claim that the other things, like dinosaurs and–and mammoth, and so forth, mammoths, mammoths, rather, they are distinct, and so forth.” I said, “It could have been that.”
He said, “Brother Branham, we are talking about proof of the Word. If sin is here; then, the original sin, it ought to be here also.”
And I said, “Lord Jesus, You said, ‘Take no thought what you shall say when you come before man, because it’ll be given to you in that hour.’ Lord, what shall I say?” He said, “Tell him, ‘It’s here.’” Just the same as I see the visions on the platform.
I said, “It’s here,” not knowing where.
He said, “Where?”
And before I could even think, He said, “It’s the serpent.”

God was so satisfied! “And He rested from all His works, at the seventh day,” and hallowed this seventh-day sabbath for Him.
Because, God looked it all over, after He had been six thousand years in molding it and fixing it out, making it come into existence; and put the mountains up, and make the volcanics push the mountains up, and the things that taken place in the eruptions; dried it off, and fixed it the way He had it. And it was a beautiful place.

There was nothing like it, the great paradises of God! And the great dinosaurs, and whatever more, crawling through it, and of the great animals; no harm in them. They were just as gentle as a little kitten. They had nothing at all; no–no sickness, no sorrow; not one disease germ on the earth. Oh, what a place!
The great birds swinging from tree to tree, and Adam could call them by name, and they would fly up on his shoulders and–and coo to him. And, oh, what a wonderful place God had!

In the last quote on Satan’s Eden, I think it’s easy to see that Bro Branham believed that dinosaurs were in the original creation, co-existing with Man in the Garden of Eden. If that is true, then it would also follow that dinosaurs could have been on the ark.

If we believe that many of today’s dinosaur fossils were indeed created by the flood, they had to be on the Earth just prior to the flood. If they were on the Earth just prior to the flood, they would have fallen under “And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female” (Genesis 6:19). As incredible as it may seem to some, I see no reason they wouldn’t have been on the ark.

In conclusion, what I have found, is that I don’t find a problem in the message with how the Answers In Genesis Creation Museum presents how the dinosaurs came to be, and that they were on the ark.

-Bro Trevor


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