Blacksburg, VA – Trip Report (February 2012)

Saturday, February 11th, 2012
On Saturday I drove to Blacksburg, VA with my wife Rebekah, and our three children. It was snowing along the way, and there were a few inches of snow accumulated on the ground  (especially in West Virginia where there was an inch or so across the main highway in some areas). This made for a beautiful drive, and the scenery along the way (especially the last hour of the drive) was magnificent.

When we arrived we checked into our hotel, and then met up with some of the believers from the church for some pizza and fellowship.

Sunday, February 12th

Sunday morning I preached on ‘Be It Unto Me (According To Thy Word)‘. This was our first time visiting the believers in Blacksburg, and we had a wonderful time of fellowship. The saints were very receptive of the sermon, and most importantly; the presence of the LORD was in our midst.

The little country church is small in size, but beautiful (matching the character of the people).

Sunday night I preached on ‘Finding The Little Shoe‘, which is something heavy on my heart, and that we feel is timely for the current spiritual climate around the Message. This seemed to really strike home with the brothers and sisters there, and we certainly had a good time in the LORD.

After both services we were able to enjoy some time of fellowship with many of the brothers and sisters from the church, and met many new friends who are on our hearts, and in our prayers.

Monday, February 13th

Monday we had the opportunity to rest in for a little while (which the entire family was eager to do after the drive down & both services), and then it was time to get back on the road for the journey home. 
The LORD blessed us with traveling mercies on the way there and back, and we enjoyed the time together as family trying to be about the Father’s business.

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