Prayer Request For Brother Reggie Jones

Brother Jack Duff (a dear friend of Brother Trevor and I, and a pastor from Palm Beach, FL) sent us the following prayer request for Brother Reggie Jones this morning.

Reggie is a young minister in Brother Smiley’s assembly. He had a bout with asthma on yesterday which resulted in an accident.
He is currently connected to a ventilator and not responding as the doctors would like. He is in need of a miracle and thus we solicit saints from all over the world to pray for this young man.
We believe God is able to raise him up for His glory“.

I had the privilege of meeting Brother Reggie on a Thursday night after preaching at Brother Smiley’s church during our trip to Florida earlier this year (Brother Smiley had graciously opened his pulpit to me for his Thursday night service when Brother Jack invited Brother Trevor and I to come in town and preach the Friday night & Sunday morning services at his church earlier this year, as well as to have me speak at a Home-School Graduation for their local assemblies).

We were able to fellowship with Brother Reggie quite a bit on Saturday night after the Home-School Graduation, and he shared with us a preview of what he was going to speak on at Brother Smiley’s church that Sunday morning (as we were going to be speaking at other churches).

Please lift him up in your prayers. He is a very nice, young Christian man and in desperate need for a touch from The Lord.

– Brother Nathan Bryant

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” – Psalm 46:1


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