Solid part of the feeling – "rivers of water run down my eyes"

Leadership, 1965 –
“Give us of Thy love. Get us to a place, Lord, that we’ll get away from all the–the emotional part, to the real solid part of the feeling, the heartfelt part, the deepness of the Spirit, the riches of God, the Kingdom of the Spirit in our hearts. Grant it, O great Leader, great Holy Spirit, before You take Your flight into the skies with Your church.”

(I know I’ve never really finished this series, but I still think about it quite a bit. )

PSALM 119:136
136 ¶ Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not thy law.

PSALM 119:158
158 ¶ I beheld the transgressors, and was grieved; because they kept not thy word.

Are you, like the psalmist, beholding the transgressors and grieving? Are rivers of waters running down your eyes? Where is your concern for the lost?

THE.SEAL.OF.THE.CHRIST, 1955 ” That’s right. Oh, my, pulling feathers in the hat and so forth, when we ought to be on our knees crying for the sins, and the abomination, and the disgrace that’s done into the city. We seem to be so unconcerned about the lost. Amen. Amen. That’s right. You know that’s the truth. Unconcerned about the lost… “Just so our church makes it, so we have the greatest congregation Sunday.” All stay home Sunday night and look at the television.Today I was in one of the biggest churches in the city. One of the members said, “We have three thousand people here on Sunday morning; Sunday night we don’t have half of it.” They all come to church to do their religion, and go back home, look at the television, take a little ride out in the country. Why, it’s a disgrace. It shows there’s something lacking in the heart. Amen.”

Are you so selfish as to be concerned with yourself and your doing your Sunday duty and living the life above sin? I tell you, it is not enough!! What is the greatest commandment? That you love your neighbor as yourself.

O man! Do you not know that you are a wretch as well?? Did you have a mother, father, or friend that cried out to God over you to bring you to where you are? It is now your turn! Are you sharing this hope that lieth within you?? Are you pleading in prayer for others?

Compare your heart, to the heart of the Psalmist and then let the tears flow like rivers of waters. Let there be nothing “lacking in the heart”!


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